About Us


We Are Specifications

Archispectural Consulting Inc. was incorporated in May 2010.

We are a full service construction specifications consultant that specializes in project-specific architectural specifications.

Quality contract documents are our passion. 


Our Mission

To be your first choice for construction specifications!


Why Us?

 Our preference is for early project involvement.

Our product and system knowledge, coupled with our knowledge of building science, drawing development, contractual agreements, and contract administration allow us to provide you with a clear, complete, correct, coordinated and concise specifications solution in order to effectively communicate your design intent.

During the preparation of your Project Manual, we will also provide integral quality assurance review and comment on your drawing content; offering a fresh set of eyes to look at issues with detailing, coordination, conflicts, disconnects and incorrect or missing information. 

We strive for seamless integration with the rest of your project team.

We are able to accomplish this through 29+ years of involvement in all aspects of architectural consulting experience.